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Top 10 Articles I've Read Recently

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

So a lot people ask me for book recommendations and I usually tell them I read more articles than books. Today I want to share with you some of those articles that I find interesting. This is a bit random as I have forgotten where I read some very good ones. Anyway, here are the top ten that I still have the links to. As usual, I'm looking forward to your feedback, enjoy!

  1. This is an article about company culture and why it is very essential to any startup. Lack of a culture can make your business fail. This is among my all time favorites. Published on Tech Crunch in 2014

  2. This is an all time favorite also. It discusses about first principles vs analogy. This article sums up what unshackled is all about. I've read this piece at least a hundred times and I learn something new every single time!

  3. This article is short but a very good reminder of how to communicate to staff in times of Covid 19 uncertainties, and how carrying them along is key. It served as a good reminder.

  4. This article by the expert, Bill Aulet captures the professional angle of entrepreneurship, and discusses how its both a science and an art, a craft.

  5. Board meetings can be tedious and somewhat scary. Here is an article that helps you get through by putting the right things in place.

  6. This is not an article, rather a documentary on a major break through in Artificial Intelligence. Make sure you wactch Alpha Go!!!

  7. Final one here and definitely one of my faves is this articles talking about taking opportunities in times of crisis. I've read this a goo number of times and it always gives me hope.

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